Assistance with Fees

Govenment Assistance with the cost of child care is available to eligible resident families through Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR)

You will need to register with the Family Assitance Office (FAO) (Tel: 136150) to register for these benefits and provide us with your Parent and Child CRN. You may be asked to quote our Centre Reference ID which is 1-8KR4RM

CCB & CCR can be paid to us as a fee reduction or paid directly to you.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)

CCB up to approximately $40 per day is available for families earning up to approximately $145,000pa gross family income (higher for more children in care), subject to income testing. We can provide you with an estimate of your fee reduction when your CCB% is advised to you. Once we have received your registation details CCB will be included on your statement. CCB can be backdated after you start with us.

Child Care Rebate (CCR)

A rebate of 50% of your child care costs (after CCB) up to $7500pa is available to eligible families, subject to a work, training or study test. The CCR is not income tested and can also be backdated to your start date with us.

Find out more click here Family Assistance Office.